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Briquetting without binder

With Pawert-spm briquetting presses you work without any binder.


Standards to the raw material

Particle size → 12mm x 8mm x 1mm

Moisture → 8% - 15%

Bulk weight → 50 - 250 kg/m3


Process technology

Functional description of the briquetting press

The electro motor drives one of the two flywheels, which are mounted on both ends of the crankshaft, with a flat belt. The load transmission is transmitted from the crankshaft and connecting rod directly to the press-slide. The crankshaft is mounted in sliding bearings made out of special bearing metal. The press slide runs in a hand-scraped, V-shaped longitudinal guidance, to hold up very high constant load.

The press-slide of our briquetting press is trapeze-shaped, i.e. the forces to which the slide is subjected are distributed over plane surfaces and optimally transmitted to the adjacent components. This ensures minimum wear and highly precise geometrical guidance and an optimal capture of the tilting effect. This in regard to the production of premium briquettes with a hole for the domestcic market, is a decicive positive advantage on endurance of our drive devise.

Between the crankcase and the feeding case are ram seals placed to guarantee no dirty particels will get into the lubrication oil of the machine.

A pressure lubrication system lubricates all the bearings. This lubrication system is monitored during operation and in case the pressure falls below the minimum limit the press will be turned off immediately. The lubrication oil can be pre-heatedup to operation temperature with an integrated electrical heating system before starting the press. During operation the optimal temperature of the oil can be kept with an oil-cooler.

The briquetting press is equipped with a double screw feeding device for a continuous material feed and capacity increase.

The unique Pawert-spm double screw feeding miture technology homogenizes and precompresses the raw material in front of the ram. High quality premium briquettes are a result of a better mixture of light and heavy particels in the raw material. Another advantage of our double screw feeding miture technology is to minimize rising of the ram especially when producing briquettes with a hole. Wear out and force on the press-slide era minimized also.

The briquettes are produced in 3 press stepswith our press tools in the press cylinder. The press cylinder and press tools are constructed to adaped press conditions with different raw material.

1 = ram / 2 = press step 1 wear ring / 3 = press step 2 tapert die / 4 = press step 3 wear tube


The Pawert-spm presses have the longest compressing chamber of mechanical presses. That has a positive effect to the briquetting quality and makes it possible to produce premium briquettes for end user.

The press tool mounted in the press cylinder consists of 3 press steps build up a compressing chamber of 760mm.

With the hydraulic frame certain variation in the raw material can be compensate.

The press cylinder is equipped with cooling / heating cahnnels system to cool down the haet when producing caused through the friction in the press tools and to keep the press cylinder on working temperature when the press is not working.

Functional description of the cooling line

The "briquette string" produced in the press cylinder goes now into the cooling line.

The robust strong model characterizes our cooling line and with its spring re-louded leeds to an exact guiding of the briquette string and minimizes the extension (diameter) of the compressed briquette.

The cooling line is for a straight conveying and at the same time cooling of the briquettes string towards the briquetting saw for example. The cooling line also reduces the stroke impulse in the briquetting string generated by the press. The advantage of our cooling line is less broken logs, less waste at the and of the process.

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